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Occupational Safety and Health, an ongoing issue wherever you are

Welcome to OSH UPDATE + FIRE!
Want to keep up-to-date in worldwide occupational health, safety, hygiene, road safety, water safety, environment trends and the latest information?
Do budget constraints not allow you to buy all the journals, newsletters and documents that contain the latest information?
Can't afford the time to search for the latest information, legislation and standards?
No staff to search for this information?
And no time yourself to spend hours searching for information?

Then a very affordable Internet based service OSH UPDATE + FIRE, from Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd is the answer for you.

All the database producers in OSH UPDATE + FIRE use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that the databases contain accurate representation or interpretation of the original material from which the databases are drawn, but none of the database producers nor Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd nor Head Software International Ltd shall be responsible for any damage, claim or expense incurred by a Subscriber or user as a result of its use or reliance upon the Databases.

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